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09-23-17 17:37[cG] TTT ServerA nice guy (STEAM_0:1:167776100)Linked IP to banned SteamID (STEAM_0:1:169855661)5 monthsCONSOLE
09-23-17 17:20[cG] Murder #2 Serverjujube301 (STEAM_0:0:142900633)Voted by STEAM_0:0:91260968 (excessive micspam)8 hoursCONSOLE
09-23-17 17:14[cG] PropHunt ServerRandoms Persons (STEAM_0:1:205090035)aimbotting6 monthsDream
09-23-17 16:58[cG] TTT ServerABC (STEAM_0:1:11116736)Punishment Evasion/Racism12 hoursRose
09-23-17 15:48[cG] PropHunt ServerLennyGamerBG (STEAM_0:0:166288286)Cheating Detected (smeg_hack.lua)1 monthCONSOLE
09-23-17 15:48[cG] PropHunt #3 ServerЗаЙчЕг (STEAM_0:1:190733275)Cheating Detected (ESP_Font_Entity)1 monthCONSOLE
09-23-17 14:30[cG] Deathrun #2 Server㍐๖ۣۜdobby๖ۣ㉨ (STEAM_0:1:198201705)Evading mute/racial slurs8 hoursrain
09-23-17 13:37[cG] TTT ServerBeenVapinq - Legion (STEAM_0:1:198659906)Aimbot - appeal if needed6 monthsIndigoGrimm
09-23-17 13:21[cG] TTT ServerBigbootybitcheslover69 (STEAM_0:0:116808581)Alright you need a day off and calm down1 dayWent
09-23-17 11:27[cG] PropHunt ServerCode3401 (STEAM_0:0:155825335)constant team evasion, refusing to listen, take a break1 dayDream
09-23-17 11:07Web Ban (STEAM_0:0:107335555)Spamming Mic/Chat2 daysrain
09-23-17 09:43[cG] TTT ServerMeoi (STEAM_0:0:91025236)Cheating detected: third party aiming assistant6 monthsWent
09-23-17 09:39[cG] PropHunt #2 Server^4jakey0804 (STEAM_0:1:171273953)Cheating Detected (WallhackFont)1 monthCONSOLE
09-23-17 06:46[cG] Murder #3 Serverrroobbiinn10xx (STEAM_0:0:89290051)Cheating Detected (WallhackFont)1 monthCONSOLE
09-23-17 02:29[cG] PropHunt #2 Servernutinmybread (STEAM_0:1:83725328)ghosting1 dayTaako the Wizard
09-23-17 02:29[cG] PropHunt #2 Servermein fuhrer | (STEAM_0:1:129005478)ghosting1 dayTaako the Wizard
09-23-17 02:29[cG] PropHunt #2 ServerHuan (STEAM_0:1:88097230)ghosting1 dayTaako the Wizard
09-23-17 02:17[cG] TTT Servergerald (STEAM_0:0:27395232)Constant RDM4 daysIndigoGrimm
09-23-17 02:11[cG] TTT ServerEarl Pearl (STEAM_0:1:101176745)Mass RDM + False KOS's4 daysIndigoGrimm
09-23-17 00:22[cG] PropHunt #2 ServerSartre.exe (STEAM_0:1:53257754)Ghosting with csgobounty1 dayK-Star
09-23-17 00:22[cG] PropHunt #2 (STEAM_0:1:69622688)Ghosting with Sartre.exe1 dayK-Star
09-22-17 21:47[cG] Deathrun #3 ServerJake (STEAM_0:0:59260458)Punishment Evasion/Mic Spam12 hoursRose
09-22-17 20:59[cG] TTT Serverbladerunner (STEAM_0:0:89134045)Mass Attempted RDM with RDM5 daysK-Star
09-22-17 20:40[cG] Deathrun #2 ServerGETrekt! (STEAM_0:0:179439772)Cheating Detected (dickwrap)1 monthCONSOLE
09-22-17 20:12[cG] Murder Server228299054 (STEAM_0:1:218404416)Continuous micspam8 hoursTaako the Wizard
09-22-17 19:32Web BanDarkZxcoldx​ (STEAM_0:1:96372192)Ghosting2 daysrain
09-22-17 19:32Web BanDarkLorQuan (STEAM_0:1:216381389)Ghosting2 daysrain
09-22-17 16:43[cG] TTT Servera bee (STEAM_0:0:166377559)Cheating Detected (sounds.lua)1 monthCONSOLE
09-22-17 13:58[cG] Deathrun #3 Servercopkiller2003 (STEAM_0:1:39805245)Cheating Detected (spreadthebutter)1 monthCONSOLE
09-22-17 12:20[cG] Deathrun Serverrajuju6 (STEAM_0:1:124461545)Cheating Detected (ESP_Font_Health)1 monthCONSOLE