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    General Rules
    • Harassment, disrespect, flame - please respect other players
    • Mic/Chat Spam - spamming chat with text, spamming mic with noise, music, echo, etc.
    • Purposeful Advertising - other servers, websites, products, etc.
    • English Only - we're an English community, so we expect you be able to speak English
    • Cheating, hacking, threats, exploiting - auto-ban for cheating/hacking. Exploiting is not allowed
    • Racism/Sexism - both may only be used to an extent, see below
    • Impersonation - includes copying the username of another and acting like you're them
    • Point Begging - asking is considered accepting denial. Begging is considered denying denial
    • Punishment Evade - includes disconnecting from the server in attempt to evade a punishment
    Gamemode Rules

    1. Don't Random Deathmatch (RDM).
    a. RDM means Random Deathmatch, which means randomly killing/damaging someone. A player that is hurt by RDM has the right to kill the person that damaged them, unless pardoned by the damaged player. This includes being damaged by a Detective. Note: Your Karma will DECREASE if you RDM/defend yourself from an RDM’er.

    b. Do not kill traitors and innocents unless you have evidence to do so.

    c. Trying to get yourself RDM’d still counts as RDM.

    d. Damaging someone with a crowbar/weapon/prop and inflicting ANY amount of damage is considered a traitorous act, and the player that was damaged will decide whether or not to call KOS.

    e. Claiming you heard a traitor purchase equipment in the traitor shop is not an excuse to KOS them.

    If you kill through RDM three times in one round, you will be slain in the current round and the next two.

    g. A moderator will decide whether or not to excuse a situation based on the evidence provided.

    h. The following are examples of punishable RDM-
    -Someone looks at you funny, you kill them.
    -Setting off map exclusive traps on players.
    -Pushing players into traps/lava using props or your crowbar.
    -Shooting a player if he walks past an unidentified body and didn’t see it.
    -Throwing Incendiary
    -Revenge RDM'ing someone makes you just as guilty as them and may result in a slay on both sides!

    Punishment: Slay, Kick with warning, Ban 1 day for each rdm.
    2. The following are considered Traitorous acts-
    a. Traitorous Acts

    -Spotted carrying Traitor-exclusive weapons/items.
    Confirm that the player didn’t pick it up by accident/ is proven in the chat with this weapon from killing a Traitor before calling KOS. (Kill On Sight).

    -Shooting a weapon near someone’s head.
    This is T-baiting, and will be followed by an immediate KOS if the player shot at chooses to do so.

    -Not scanning unidentified bodies.
    You must ask the player to identify the body they are near. If they refuse, ignore you, or blatantly sees the body and walks past it, this is KOS’able. A moderator will decide if the KOS was okay.

    -Spotted damaging other players
    KOS’able unless excused by the victim. High suspicion may be called for damaging others and they may be killed in overtime.

    -Throwing Incendiary.

    -Spotted entering Traitor-exclusive areas.
    KOS’able unless they are opened by Traitors and Innocents/Detectives manage to slip inside. Rule does not apply on Minecraft DARK, as Traitor areas are accessible by anyone.

    -Spotted planting C4, turrets and other Traitor Weapons.
    KOS’able. SeeC4 Roulette rulebelow for details.

    -Calling KOS on a player for no reason.
    This is false KOS, and will be handled with a KOS on them or moderator action. See3. False KOS rule for details.

    -Damaging health station, traitor testers, getting rid of the Gold Block.
    Warn the player to stop once, KOS’able if they refuse to stop/ golden block is thrown out of reach.DIAMOND BLOCKS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS RULE.

    -Refusing to test.
    High suspicion may be called, KOS’able in overtime.

    -Following other players.
    Warn the player to stop following you 3 times before calling a KOS on them.

    -Randomly shooting everything.
    Warn the player 3 times to stop shooting 3 times before calling a KOS on them.

    -Witnessing someone kill a player, and they do not identify the body or bodies.

    -Saying “I’m a Traitor”.
    -KOS’able. This does not include text hats with the phrase written on it.

    -C4 Roulette.
    Can only be played if Innocents/Detectives find c4. Everyone alive must agree to play. KOS’able if c4 is placed without everyone agreeing.
    3. False Kill on Sight (KOS).
    a.This includes yelling “KOS (playername)” for no reason what-so-ever. You must provide proof through mic or chat that a player should be KOS’d.

    b.Do not call false KOS on people as a traitor simply to confuse people/cause drama. As a Traitor, you may call KOS if you are being attacked.

    c.False KOS is considered RDM and you will be KOS’d/handled by a moderator.

    Punishment: Considered RDM.
    4. Don’t Prop Kill.
    a.Using a prop as a weapon and inflicting damage to others is considered a Traitorous act, and is KOS’able. Considered RDM if used by an Innocent/Detective to kill other innocents/detectives.

    b.Traitors may use props to kill others, but be aware, this is a KOS’able act.

    c. This also includes taking possession of props while spectating and killing people with them.

    Punishment: 1 slay per rdm.
    5. Names must be readable and pronounceable.
    a.Having a name such as “@#!%$#!” or “如果你翻译这” are not allowed. TTT is highly dependent on communication, and having a non-pronounceable name ruins the game.

    Punishment: Warn to change, kick, ban 1 day.
    6. Don’t claim areas/rooms/positions.
    a.This includes claiming an area, or preventing others from entering the area/room you’re in. Example, “I’ll kill you if you come into the boathouse”.

    Punishment: Warn to move, teleport, slay, kick, ban 1 day.
    7.Don’t camp/delay the game.
    a.Do not waste time walking around and making no attempt to play your role as a traitor. Kill everyone except for your traitor buddies!

    b.This also includes Innocents/Detectives. If no progress is made after overtime, you will be asked to hurry up, and slain if you ignore the warnings.

    Punishment: Warn to stop, teleport, slay, kick, ban 1 day.
    8. Don’t exploit maps or prop surf.
    a.This includes flying into areas that are unreachable by players on foot.

    b.Commonly known map exploits are allowed, so long as you are able to explain this if you used it to you advantage to play the game.

    Punishment: Warn to stop, slay, kick, ban 1 day.
    9. Innocents/detectives using Traitor weapons/items to kill other innocents/detectives.
    a.If an innocent finds a traitor weapon/item after being proven through killing a traitor or by finding the item on the ground, they must state they found it or risk being killed by another innocent by accident.

    b.If an innocent/detective is hosting some kind of mini game with a Traitor weapon, all alive players must agree to the game. SeeRule 2. Traitorous Acts: C4 Roulette for details.

    Punishment: Considered RDM
    10. No ghosting.
    a.This includes using any kind of third party chat/form of communication to inform somebody of an in game event that has not yet occurred, or is about to occur.

    b.Includes telling live players of the names of Traitors/Innocents/Detectives that killed you.

    c.If you are revived with a defib, you may only call KOS on the Traitor that killed you.

    d.Allowing Innocents/Detectives into Traitor exclusive areas as a Traitor is considered ghosting, as it simply causes havoc and arguments between players. Rule is excluded if it was an accident, and a moderator will decide on outcome.

    Punishment: Warn to stop, gag/mute 5 minutes, kick, ban 1 day.
    11.Don’t kill Afk’ers or Brb’ers.
    a.If a player is AFK before overtime, you cannot kill them. Considered RDM if an AFK player is killed before overtime, but excluded if an AFK’er is killed by a Traitor.

    b.You may kill AFK’ers during overtime. You may also kill an AFK’er if you have legitimate evidence to prove that they are the last Traitor.

    Punishment: Considered RDM
    12. As a traitor, you must make clear call-outs to your Traitor buddies.
    a.All explosives Traitors use must be accounted for in Traitor chat. Example, “(Traitor) Player: Tripwire in the Nether!”

    b.Considered RDM if you kill a Traitor buddy with a Traitor weapon. This is simply to prevent Traitors from accidentally killing each other.

    Punishment: Considered RDM
    13.Don’t make false reports.
    a.Making false reports and sending them to admins, or messaging mods through admin chat (@) that are false and used for spam and to annoy moderators is not allowed. Please do not abuse the admin chat feature, and only make legitimate reports.

    b.Harassing/flaming other players in reports is also not allowed and both sides will receive warnings if they do not stop.

    Punishment: Warn to stop, slay, kick, ban 1 day.
    14. No Targeting.
    a. This is considered trolling, if you are found to have killed the same person as a traitor 3 times, you will be slain. It’s no fun if you’re the first to die every round.

    Please follow the rules and play nice.

    Staff will not warn repeated trouble makers or purposeful rule breaking. To read extended rules, click here.

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