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    General Rules
    • Harassment, disrespect, flame - please respect other players
    • Mic/Chat Spam - spamming chat with text, spamming mic with noise, music, echo, etc.
    • Purposeful Advertising - other servers, websites, products, etc.
    • English Only - we're an English community, so we expect you be able to speak English
    • Cheating, hacking, threats, exploiting - auto-ban for cheating/hacking. Exploiting is not allowed
    • Racism/Sexism - both may only be used to an extent, see below
    • Impersonation - includes copying the username of another and acting like you're them
    • Point Begging - asking is considered accepting denial. Begging is considered denying denial
    • Punishment Evade - includes disconnecting from the server in attempt to evade a punishment
    Gamemode Rules
    • Delaying - don't hold up the game, finish up the round
    • Evasion - switching teams to avoid being a certain role, etc.
    • Exploits - if a Hunter cannot see or find you, you are exploiting. You must be in a visible and reachable area
    • Ghosting - letting players know who is where, giving information to alive players that they normally wouldn't have

    Please follow the rules and play nice.

    Staff will not warn repeated trouble makers or purposeful rule breaking. To read extended rules, click here.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.