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    General Rules
    • Harassment, disrespect, flame
      • Making fun of other players using mean or hurtful words, getting to the point where they feel hurt or offended. Respect other players.
      • Triggering of this rule is left to staff interpretation. If you're being mean to other players, a staff member in some cases may suggest you don't whether or not the other player feels offended or not.
    • Mic/Chat Spam
      • Spamming chat with repetitive text or binds. Spamming mic with noise, having an echo'd mic, playing music, anything that would disrupt the mic atmosphere and other players, including the staff. Left to staff interpretation.
    • Purposeful Advertising
      • Purposefully advertising content on our servers to gain profit. Can be spamming links or similar in chat/mic and suggesting users visit it.
      • Having something in your name or PointShop text hat like your Twitch or YouTube URL does not trigger this rule, unless you mention it in-game.
    • English Only
      • If you can't speak English, you may still play on our servers, but please don't break rules or communicate with others in your language, as you may get punished. You are allowed to communicate with chat only.
    • Cheating, hacking, threats, exploiting
      • Cheating or hacking is strictly forbidden on our servers. Detection will warrant a temporary lengthy ban. Please play fair.
      • Threats to our services/community (e.g. DDoS threats, "I will hack you" threats) will get you banned. Jokingly or not, threatening other players and them feeling offended also applies. If they don't feel offended, but you begin getting repetitive, a staff member may ask you to stop.
      • Staff will issue an immediate 6 month ban for valid cheating. Warning given once for threats, 2 week ban if continued. Warning for threats against other players, 2 day ban if continued.
    • Racism/Sexism
      • We partially allow the use of racism/sexism on our servers, mainly humor and jokes, but there is a limit to everything. Please keep what you say to a minimal, so it does not offend others. Purposefully offending others will get you muted. Saying some jokes here and there will not, unless other players are offended, the content is explicit, or you're getting repetitive. This is essentially left to staff interpretation.
      • Straight up calling someone a 'nigger' or 'cracker' isn't allowed, doesn't matter what color. Use of racial slurs isn't allowed. Use of slang is okay, but please do not get carried away.
    • Impersonation
      • This includes copying another user as if you were them, whether it be by profile picture, name, appearance in-game, etc. This rule will not be triggered if the other player does not care.
      • Common names do not trigger this rule. What this means is if a player has the same name as another, and both names are common names, then it is not considered impersonation unless the other player is purposefully doing it.
    • Point Begging
      • You can ask others for Points, sure. If you get declined or receive no Points, that's it, no more asking. If you decide to go on and ask again, you are now considered begging. Begging is not allowed. We suggest you play the game fair and earn Points. When you don't keep track of your Points so often and just play on the server, you'll notice that you've gained a lot more than expected!
    • Punishment Evade
      • This includes attempting to evade being punished or inteorgated by a staff member. It also includes disconnecting with an already-given punishment, and not at least half-way serving it.

    Staff will not warn repeated trouble makers or purposeful rule breaking. Because a lot of the punishments for these rules are almost the same, this is how the general procedure of punishment would go: Warning, [some logical action: mute, slay, etc.], [possible action again], [possible action once more], either a kick if not so many actions were given, or a ban for not learning after all those actions. Mutes are typically 2-10 minutes on first basis, and may increment by 5 minutes each time. Bans are typically 8 hours, though are highly dependent on staff interpretation and may jump to days.
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